Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Leaders

These 25 stocks are the leaders in the current month. I may not get time to post any stuff in the next 3-4 days so I'm posting the list of leaders before this month is out. Besides, there are only 2 days to go so it doesn't matter anyway.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WCC 2014

The world chess championship is just around the corner now.

Street Photography

This is real cool - have you heard about Vivian Maier?  She worked as a nanny but did a lot of street photography. They have this website on her. 

You maybe wondering why I've started to post about photography on this stock market blog. Well, I've taken a kinda break from the markets as my father (89) is recovering from an accident and it will take some good 3 months before he starts walking again. Currently he is confined to his bed but he is undergoing physio therapy sessions and I hope that works out well.

Anyway, photography is / was my hobby too - I did shoot lots of butterflies and insects before my Nikon broke down and now I don't have a camera. The cameras on mobile phones are really a joke to say the least but you can take some good pics if you know what to shoot.

So just gimme some time and I'll start posting about the markets. In the mean time, enjoy Vivian Maier's pics. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Still Life

The book Catcher in the Rye was just lying around my keyboard and I thought it will make a cool still life as the black cover of the book and the black keyboard kinda synced well.

Here's a wiki on Still Life. 

Since now almost everyone has a camera on their mobile phone, still photography is easily doable. Take a walk around your neighborhood and look out for fruit seller stalls / flower sellers / or anything which is colorful and that will help you to snap some nice pics. Below are some colorful belts displayed on a road side shop which is just a few minutes walk from my home!


After the Correction

The market has gone through a correction and bounced. I was a bit worried when it failed to pop up above the 50 day average but anyway, that part is done with now. Below is how the sectors have performed from September to date.

Autos, Banks and Health Care have bounced better than the others and stocks from these sectors are likely to perform better in the near future. Metals, Oil n Gas, and Real Estate still in the red.